Friday, October 28, 2011


I'm sure some of you are actually cursing this morning.  If that was my team imploding last night, I wouldn't blame you.  Anyone reading this either already watched the game or saw the replays this morning, so I won't rehash a fantastic game.

What I will say is that throughout the entire game, I kept watching bad baseball.  The old adage about pitching and defense win championships was ringing through my head.  I understand that an elimination game is tense.  Nerves are abound, hands are shaky and otherwise good ballplayers make bad downright boneheaded plays.  

In an elimination game, there is always a goat.  Make that a scapegoat.  Errors were rampant, hanging curve balls were, well, hanging.  Through 7 innings, I was beginning to think that Matt Holliday had money on the Rangers.

If getting thrown out leading off of third by a catcher who nabbed you FROM HIS KNEES wasn't bad enough, that debacle in left field on a routine sky high pop up was down right embarrassing.

In the replays, you can read Holliday's lips telling a back-peddling, twisted around Furcal, "You got it, you got it."  Baseball 101 says that only the one fielding the ball speaks.  Chalk it up to nerves.  It's not like Holliday has a history of blowing easy big-game catches, right
I'm sure La Russa wasn't too distraught that Holliday bruised his pinkie and had to leave the game. 

Well, after 26 outs, I thought Holliday was going to bear the brunt of baseball black magic.  But I was wrong...

Son, it's the final out of the World Series.  50 fruitless years of franchise futility are riding on a flyball.  You've got to make that catch, or die trying.  Eight homers is great, but defense is what wins ball games.  If Hamilton was in right, he'd have plowed through that wall, busted groin and all, probably broken several bones, and then had a Cherry Coke showered on him in the dugout.  That guy is grit.  

Fate will be watching tonight's game...


Thursday, October 20, 2011

2011 MLB Tournament Update - 4th Round Complete

Well, if you've managed to be patient with me, here are the results of the Final Four.  Philadelphia manhandled San Francisco with a 10 game blowout, and New York squeaked by a plucky Texas team.  

The Tournament Finals look like what everyone thought the World Series would be: (1) Phillies versus the (2) Yankees.  The Consolation Game is a rematch of last years World Series with the (2) Giants facing off against the (4) Rangers.

I will post the final results sometime during the World Series, but based on the rules I set up, we all know that Dawgbones and Dan the Sticker Man are guaranteed prizes.  All that's left is finding out who gets Show.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

I Can't Believe You're Gone

This post has nothing to do with baseball, but about the best athlete I have ever seen or met.  My all time favorite race driver, Dan Wheldon, died on Sunday.  I am in shock.  I was in denial on Sunday, and cried most of Monday.  I'm still too upset to convey how much his death effects me.  I know I will write about him in the future, but I can't do him justice now.

Dan, you were by far the best race car driver I have ever seen.  It was a riot talking to you those several times in Richmond.  Your charisma and antics were strong enough to disarm even me.  I will miss your presence immensely, and I am devastated for your family. 

Please read this wonderful writeup about Dan's life and career.  He was much more than a smile and a driver.

It was my pleasure seeing you all these times...

1. Suntrust Indy Challenge at Richmond, VA - June 28, 2003 - Finished 8th
2. Indianapolis 500 at Speedway, IN - May 30, 2004 - Finished 3rd
3. Suntrust Indy Challenge at Richmond, VA - June 28, 2004 - Finished 1st
4. Toyota Indy 300 at Homestead, FL - March 6, 2005 - Finished 1st
5. Indianapolis 500 at Speedway, IN - May 29, 2005 - Finished 1st
6. Suntrust Indy Challenge at Richmond, VA - June 25, 2005 - Finished 5th
7. Indianapolis 500 at Speedway, IN - May 28, 2006 - Finished 4th
8. Suntrust Indy Challenge at Richmond, VA - June 24, 2006 - Finished 9th    
9. Indianapolis 500 at Speedway, IN - May 27, 2007 - Finished 22nd
10. Suntrust Indy Challenge at Richmond, VA - June 30, 2007 - Finished 3rd
11. Suntrust Indy Challenge at Richmond, VA - June 28, 2008 - Finished 4th
12. Indianapolis 500 at Speedway, IN - May 24, 2009 - Finished 2nd
13. Indianapolis 500 at Speedway, IN - May 30, 2010 - Finished 2nd    

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

2011 MLB Tournament Update - 3rd Round Complete

No, I am not dead.  Life interrupted fantasy, and we all know who wins that battle.  Lest you think that I forgot about the tournament, no, I have not.  I already know who won.  I feel like I read the last page of a book, but I won't spoil the ending for you.

The Elite Eight is now the Final Four.

(1) Phillies versus (2) Giants - True to the seeding.
(2) Yankees versus (4) Rangers - No great surprise.

Three of these four teams will win a prize.  However, I've got bad news and good news on the prize front.  News at 11.
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