Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I'm Convinced the Devil Wears Wingtips

Every day I sit in my office, listening for the tell tale click of a falling dress shoe. My body tenses at the tolling peal of hardened leather on a linoleum floor. I bet today they are bone colored. Better yet, oxblood. 

When I hear that tonal harbinger, I wonder if I am next. As the clatter gets closer, I half expect the Vice Principal to appear at my office door, and scold a 12 year old me for throwing berries in the schoolyard. 

The racket draws nearer. Now a doctor appears, bearing what is certainly bad news. The diagnosis? Grim. 

The din continues, then softens, and mercifully halts. Reaping has come, but two doors down. I hear a muffled, one-sided exchange. Next comes a brief, mournful silence soon broken by the deafening echo of hard soled shoes. 

Now I know why Jesus wore sandals.

Monday, June 10, 2013

2013 MLB Tournament - Week #9 Update

If you're reading this, thank you for your patience with my lack of posting.  Life is still too hectic on the job front.  One of my bosses was reassigned, and another announced his "retirement" effective that same day.  Bad days where I work.

Anyways, Round 2 of the tournament is almost finished.  The AL is set with the Rangers (#3), A's (#2), Red Sox (#12) and Yankees (#1) making it into the next round.  In the National League, only the Diamondbacks (#9) have punched their ticket.  The remaining nail bitters will be decided tonight.

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