Saturday, March 30, 2013

Card Show: Through My Son's Eyes

Today, my five year old son and I went to the baseball card show.  He doesn't know any baseball players by name.  He doesn't know any team names either.  But there are two things that he definitely loves in this world: baseball and baseball cards.

If you've been following this blog for some time, you'll remember that I've posted about my son before.  He's a very special boy and is the absolute apple of one of my eyes.  His sister owns the rights to the other eye.

Since my son is five, I had to give him a job today to keep him relatively occupied.  His job was to take pictures of the baseball card show, so you are all in for a treat...


"Daddy's arm"

"Dime Box"

Your photographer!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Thursday, March 28, 2013

LCS Gift - The Card-Well

During my last visit at my local card shop, one of the “going out of business” presents I got was a Card-Well. Initially, I was hesitant to accept this gift from the store owner. Not because I thought it was lavish, but because I saw it as a clunky piece of plastic that took up space and saved little time. I was so wrong! 

Check out that HOT & SEXY 1990 Donruss action!

True, it is a clunky piece of flimsy plastic, but it is like a Godsend for sorting cards. If you find yourself sorting tons of cards, you have GOT to get one of these. The Card-Well has 10 deep containers at the back of the tray for breaking cards out by 100s (or 10s if you’re sorting your 1987 Topps). In front of the 10 deep containers are 10 shallow ones, which are for sorting cards in 10s. You can also use the shallow trays to sort by individual card number once you’ve sorted by 100s and 10s. 

What’s awesome about the 10 smaller trays is that when you sort by individual card, you can tell exactly what cards you’re missing. No thumbing through a stack of cards, while fiddling with a pencil or keyboard. This way it’s simple! If the tray slot is empty, you don’t have that card…write down missing card number with free hands! 

Alright, this is starting to sound like a commercial, but it’s not. I’m just gushing about how awesome this card sorting tray is. Besides the great functionality of the tray, it comes with “directions.” I never knew I needed directions before on how to sort baseball cards...seems rather intuitive. Anyways, check out these instructions! 

The Card-Well proclaims that you will do "no more sorting on the floor, table or bed..."  So, even though you're using the Card-Well, aren't you still sorting cards on the floor, table or bed just in a tray?  Perhaps I'm supposed to spice up my sort-life by doing it on the washing machine, stairs or front porch?

Another laughable description is that the tray is "Laptop Size."  Are we talking computer laptops or lap tops?  The tray is a rather unwieldy thing, sizing in at around 2 foot by 3 feet.  I know laptops were big back in the early 90s, but not that big.  And no way is it lap top size because if it was, I'd have to be so large that I wouldn't have a lap!

Also, I am a worrier about space when it comes to my closet, so I was happy that I could just hang the Card-Well on the wall of my closet.

So, if you don't have one, check Craigslist, and you should be able to find one on-the-cheap.  Wait, what is that silver thing above the Card-Well?  Is that a shelving brace?  Hmm, I sense a future post coming about Phase II of Uncle Doc's Card Closet...

Wanted! - 1986 Donruss

Percent Completed: 93.6%

Red indicates pending trade...

# Player # Player # Player

482 Lenny Dykstra RC 
27 Kal Daniels RC 
483 Thad Bosley 
30 Jose Guzman RC 

38 Danny Tartabull 

39 Jose Canseco RC  507 Milt Thompson RC 

43 Todd Worrell RC 

518 Rich Bordi 

53 George Brett 

63 Steve Garvey  308 Sammy Khalifa 
68 Gary Carter 

70 Kent Hrbek  311 Shawon Dunston 

312 Howard Johnson 

536 Ray Searage 

544 Steve Buechele RC 

546 Joe DeSa 

329 Urbano Lugo 

119 Tony Fernandez 

345 Mickey Tettleton RC 

125 Kirk Gibson 

144 Lee Smith  366 Carlton Fisk  592 Franklin Stubbs 
146 Dave Stieb 

371 Wade Boggs 
377 Reggie Jackson 

616 Bruce Kison 

628 Jack Lazorko 

629 Roger McDowell RC 
204 John Denny 

208 Ozzie Guillen RC  426 Jeff Calhoun 
210 Cal Ripken Jr. 

431 Brad Wellman 

435 Ivan Calderon RC 

644 Pete Rose RB 

653 King of Kings: Pete Rose 
240 Mike Moore 

258 Nolan Ryan 

Wanted! - 1984 Donruss

Percent Completed: 75.7%

Red indicates pending trade...

# Player # Player # Player
1 Robin Yount DK  216 Julio Franco 

17 Fred Lynn DK  219 Steve Rogers  450 Kevin Bass 

451 Daryl Sconiers 

221 Mike Smithson  457 Oil Can Boyd 
22 Eddie Murray DK 

473 Ted Simmons 
23 Mike Schmidt DK  227 Lou Whitaker 

24 Pedro Guerrero DK 

26 Wade Boggs DK  238 Keith Hernandez  496 Joe Simpson 

242 Tom Brunansky  498 Chris Welsh 
30 Ron Darling RC  248 Don Mattingly RC  499 Bruce Kison 
32 Tony Fernandez RC  249 Jeff Newman  500 Bobby Johnson 
34 Kevin McReynolds RC  250 Alejandro Pena RC  502 Frank DiPino 
36 Brad Komminsk RC 

503 Tony Perez 
37 Tim Teufel RC 

504 Ken Oberkfell 
262 Jeff R. Jones 

41 Joe Carter RC  263 Gerald Perry  519 Dave Sax 
47 Eddie Murray 

48 Robin Yount  272 Dave Rozema  534 Bruce Sutter 
49 Lance Parrish  273 Dave Stapleton 

50 Jim Rice  274 Lou Piniella 
51 Dave Winfield  277 Butch Davis RC  539 Alan Ashby 
52 Fernando Valenzuela  287 Gene Garber  542 Brook Jacoby 
53 George Brett  289 Lee Smith  546 Vance Law UER 
54 Rickey Henderson  290 Dave LaPoint  547 Tug McGraw 
55 Gary Carter  293 Alan Trammell  551 Dave Dravecky 
57 Reggie Jackson  553 Duane Kuiper 
58 Harold Baines 

554 Rusty Staub 
59 Ozzie Smith  298 Mike Davis 

60 Nolan Ryan  299 Tim Raines 

61 Pete Rose  302 Carlton Fisk  557 Dave Henderson 
63 Steve Garvey  305 Garry Maddox  561 Garth Iorg 
65 Jack Clark  308 Johnny Ray  562 Bryan Clark 
66 Dale Murphy  311 Ryne Sandberg  563 Brian Giles 

313 Spike Owen RC  568 Alan Wiggins 
68 Darryl Strawberry RC  314 Gary Gaetti  570 Salome Barojas 
70 Kent Hrbek 

571 Dane Iorg 
73 George Bell  317 Jorge Orta  572 Bob Knepper 
93 Candy Maldonado  318 Orlando Mercado  573 Gary Lavelle 
97 Andre Dawson  319 Junior Ortiz  575 Manny Trillo 
99 Curtis Wilkerson  324 Tony Gwynn  576 Jim Palmer 
100 Larry Gura  341 Scott Sanderson  579 Rich Gedman 
103 Dave Righetti  348 Mike A. Marshall  580 Bill Doran RC 

350 Rich Dauer  582 Dan Spillner 
105 Dan Petry  351 Cecil Cooper 

106 Cal Ripken Jr.  353 Willie McGee  588 Pat Sheridan 
107 Paul Molitor  355 Joe Morgan 

109 Neil Allen  361 Ron Cey 

111 Steve Carlton  369 Doug Bair 

116 Tom Seaver 

593 Kirk Gibson 
125 Juan Berenguer  384 Kelly Paris 
129 Bert Blyleven 

134 Tom Henke RC  387 Fred Breining 

144 Gary Woods  388 Craig Lefferts RC  606 Glenn Hoffman 
151 Wade Boggs UER 

607 Hubie Brooks 

392 Gary Roenicke  608 Richard Barnes UER 

395 Dwight Evans  614 Reid Nichols 
175 Willie Wilson  396 Rich Gossage  618 Glenn Wilson 

399 Leon Roberts 

625 Ozzie Smith/Willie McGee 
182 Jose Cruz 

183 Mike Schmidt 

630 Darnell Coles RC 
187 Greg Minton 

189 Fergie Jenkins  415 Jack Morris  640 Walt Terrell 
193 Jesse Barfield  416 John Tudor  643 Jose Oquendo RC 
199 Ken Dayley  419 Don Slaught 

203 Bill Scherrer  420 Steve McCatty 

421 Tim Wallach 

434 Danny Heep  651 The Chicken 
208 Juan Agosto 

210 Al Bumbry 

NNO7 Perry/Fingers LL

447 Ted Power  NNO8 Yaz/Bench LL
213 Bruce Hurst 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Wanted! - 1983 Donruss

Percent Completed: 94.8%

Red indicates pending trade...

# Player # Player # Player

3 Reggie Jackson DK 

8 Willie Stargell DK 

487 Dennis Eckersley 

11 Rickey Henderson DK 

12 Dale Murphy DK 

16 Steve Carlton DK 

22 Johnny Bench DK 

277 Ryne Sandberg RC 

279 Cal Ripken Jr.  507 Dave Stieb 

35 Rickey Henderson 

42 Pete Rose 

47 Dale Murphy 

326 Carl Yastrzemski 

338 George Brett 

555 Tom Brunansky 
90 Rod Carew 

564 Frank Robinson MG 

110 Pedro Guerrero 

575 Billy Martin MG 
118 Nolan Ryan 

120 Ozzie Smith 

122 Tom Seaver 

578 Tony Perez 

405 Eddie Murray  586 Wade Boggs RC 

408 Carney Lansford 

610 Willie Stargell 

168 Mike Schmidt 

619 Storm Davis RC 

194 Jeff Reardon 

452 Dwight Evans 

645 The Chicken 

219 Steve Carlton 

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