Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Pwn3d - Tom Seaver

For this installment of Pwn3d, I thought I would take a look at the stats from the other side of the ball. Instead of looking at a dominating hitter, let’s delve into the numbers of a dominating pitcher…

During Tom Seaver’s career, he faced 309 batters that had at least 20 plate appearances against him. As you’ll soon see, Tom Terrific ruled the mound. A mere eight batters managed to hit over .400 against Seaver, while 111 players couldn’t even crack .200. That’s a Mendoza to Williams ratio of 13.9! Granted, Seaver did face his fair share of pitchers that are part of that group who couldn’t hit Tom, but that is still an amazing display of dominance. 

This is exemplified by the fact that 34 batters struck out at least one third of the time against Seaver. The most glaring example being Tony Perez who was Seaver’s favorite strikeout victim with 44 Ks, compared to a meager five walks.

In the same vein, only six players out of our sample of 309 batters never struck out to Tom Seaver: Craig Reynolds, Wade Boggs, Lou Whitaker, George Brett, Marty Barrett and Ken Landreaux. 

Another amazing feat is that Tom was rather stingy with the long ball. Approximately half of the sample players hit a home run off of Seaver with only a dozen breaking the five home run plane, which included such sluggers like Hank Aaron, Ron Santo, Steve Garvey, Joe Morgan, Willie McCovey, Ron Cey, Darrell Evans and Willie Stargell. Pretty impressive crowd, however, the one who smacked the most taters off of Tom Terrific was Rick Monday

Yup, Tom Seaver was Rick Monday’s favorite long ball pitcher with 11 home runs. And while Monday’s performance was good, it was not pwn3d worthy in this writer’s mind. That performance goes to the rarely discussed Steve Ontiveros, who somehow made Tom Seaver tremble whenever he was at the dish. The highest batting average Ontiveros had against any pitcher was Tom Seaver (.500) and the most home runs hit (2). Considering that Ontiveros hit a paltry 24 home runs in his career, I find it amazing that he hit even two against Tom Seaver. Also add the fact that Ontiveros somehow managed to draw 10 walks versus 2 strikeouts against Seaver. 

On the flip side, Don Sutton was truly pwn3d by Tom Seaver with 22 PA and no hits, but Sutton was a pitcher. So, we’ll move one spot down the dominance list and fall on Bob Aspromonte who shouldn’t even have bothered dressing and leaving the locker room when Seaver was on the mound. Aspromonte was an abysmal 1 for 25 against Seaver, but did manage to draw one walk and hit one sacrifice fly. But I won’t even call that performance the worst against Seaver. I think that title goes to Dal Maxvill who was a lowly 4 for 46 against Seaver, and struck out an amazing 20 times in 50 plate appearances! 

Seaver Pwn3d You! You Pwn3d Seaver!
4 for 46 with 20 Ks! 9 for 18


Fuji said...

Great post. You had me stumped when you wrote about Ontiveros. I thought you meant the Oakland A's pitcher from the 80's. I kept wondering how the heck he faced Seaver that many times.

Jeff said...

Getting Craig Reynolds grouped with Wade Boggs, Lou Whitaker, and George Brett is impressive.

Good work sir.

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