Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Long Lost Thorzul Halloween Entry

Since it is almost Halloween, I thought I'd share my long lost entry into Thorzul's once annual Horror Card Contest.  Several years ago, I made the following cards  as an entry.  Unfortunately, right before the deadline, my father fell ill and I was unable to send the cards.  The following year, Thorzul decreed that no 1975 Topps entries were allowed, so I was SOL again.  As time progressed, these cards just gathered digital dust on my thumb drive.   So, without further adieu, enjoy this 1975 Whacks Pack of Terror Cards...

Includes one stick razor blade to play Slit to Win!  Note the Phantasm Ball in lieu of a baseball.

The back of the cards also had a surprise, if you put them in the right order, you got the following!

Happy Halloween!
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