Monday, March 18, 2013

Cameo Cards - 1992 Donruss Jose Oquendo

This is the ninth entry of Cameo Cards, which is a serial focusing on Hall of Fame players making cameo appearances on common cards...

This week we have the second cameo appearance of Ozzie Smith, albeit a sliver of one.     

First, I will readily admit that I am a sucker for 1992 Donruss.  In fact, I'd rank it as my favorite product of 1992 out of the Big 5.  I just love the ice blue borders and the silver lettering.  And do not even get me started on the head shots featured on the back of the cards.  That will have to wait until a future homage post to the glory of 1992 Donruss.

But just look at this card.  Look!  Let me tell you why it is so awesome:
  1. Rarely do cards feature three players (Oquendo, Galarraga, Smith).  Even rarer is three players at second!
  2. It's the front end of a double play.  Given Smiths' position, it looks to me like The Wizard made a hard play up the middle and flipped to Oquendo on second.
  3. Galarraga is great in this shot...looking over his left shoulder, wearing eye black and a batting glove dangling out of his right hip pocket.  Only thing he should have done was hit the dirt and try to bust up that double play!
  4. Oquendo's leg kick with the his shoe lace cover flopping in the breeze.
  5. The dirt kicking up over the bag.
  6. The blue outfield wall of Busch Stadium fits perfectly with the '92 Donruss colors.
  7. And my favorite...The pregame batting practice cage peeking over the top of the outfield wall!
What a great card for a plain old common!

Remember, every card has a story and it's waiting for you to tell it!

PS - My left hand is incapable of typing Gallaa...Galarraage...Glaragga...Galarraga correctly...

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Wilson said...

8. In 1992, these guys were all Cardinals.

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