The Adventures of Joe

This serial was DOA.  I was inspired to write this series based upon the Flat Stanley project, in conjunction with The Quest for a '52 Mantle.  I thought it would be exciting to chronicle the adventures of my Joe Orsulak card through what could be countless trades to fellow bloggers, seeing where the card traveled around the world.
As a sister project, I'd use what card(s) I obtained in the initial Joe Orsulak trade to trade for better cards, and so on and so on.  Eventually, I would have documented the step by step trade process of obtaining an awesome card for my 1990 Topps Joe Orsulak.  
This series died because it required massive public participation, and also because I couldn't get anyone to participate from the get-go.  My good friend did end up taking the Joe Orsulak card, and he was going to Geo-Cache the card and then we'd follow the adventures from there, but even that story line has died.  
Oh well, here's the first and last parts of The Adventures of Joe series.

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