Monday, March 1, 2010

Need Addresses - Update!

I am sending out packages today to Captain Canuck, Wicked Ortega, Dan and Play at the Plate.  I am looking for in return (in no particular order and quantity) any Tony Gwynn cards and cards prior to 1971 Topps.  I do not have my want lists up and ready, so it is a blind shoot for you.  Also, if that is a no go, I'm always interested in Padres and Carolina Hurricanes.  

I am leaving tomorrow to go to Florida to see the parents and hopefully some spring training baseball.  We'll be in Sarasota, so we'll be close to the Rays and Pirates training facilities.  I'll be sure to be looking for the one guy in the crowd who looks like he announces Roller Derby races...

A run down on needed addresses:

WSC – Have it and will try to mail 3/2.
MattR – Need it.
Fan of Reds - Need it.

Cpt. Canuck – Have it and mailed it (3/1).
Dan – Have it and mailed it (3/1).
Wicked Ortega – Have it and mailed it (3/1).
Play at the Plate - Have it and mailed it (3/1).
Troll – Have it, but need more ammo.
GCRL – Have it and mailed it (2/17).
Night Owl – Have it and mailed it (2/22).

Email me at uncle_docs_closet(at)yahoo(dot)com.

PS - I am hoping this much needed and quiet vacation will bring back my standard of sub par blogging, which greatly outshines the latest output. 

PPS - Anyone collect Star Wars, Legos or GI Joe (1980s) toys?  If so, let me know because I'd love not to hassle with The Bay.

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