Monday, June 7, 2010

Hiatus Against My Will

After a great trip to watch the Indy 500, I returned to work to find that the Legislature has put my job on the chopping block to help balance the budget.  Bummed does not even begin to describe the emotions I am having, but I am trying to look at this as a good change.  Perhaps it will help me start a new career, or just shift my existing career to a different job.  Who knows, either way, I am understandably focusing on finding a job just in case.

With a wife already out of work for almost a year (and unable to find a job) and with two small children, cards have to go by the way side.  But for all 10 of you faithful readers,  there is a silver lining for you, as my sets and star cards are likely to go up soon on eBay.  Everything else will probably show up on this blog as a team collectors dream that will be cheap for the taking.

See you soon, hopefully.


Play at the Plate said...

That's terrible. I hope you do make the best of it and find your dream job/career. Best of luck to you and stop by to let us know how you're doing!

Stormy said...

Sorry to hear the news. :(
Hang in there.

night owl said...

Sorry to hear. Stay positive and best of luck.

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