Monday, January 31, 2011

Topps Cards That Never Were - 1984 Gaylord Perry

Apparently it has been almost 10 months since the last one I did of these, and believe me, it shows.  After Jim Palmer, I hit a wall when it came to new cards to do.  It can be extremely difficult finding photographs of Hall of Fame players at the end of their careers, especially if they play their last season in a strange uniform.  

Case in point, Mr. Gaylord Perry.  I do find it remarkable that I cannot seem to find a nickname for Gaylord Perry.  With a name like that and the fact he is renowned as one of the greatest "cheats" in the game, I am absolutely amazed he is without a nickname.  So, I am nicknaming him Cheats. 

Anyways, 1983 was the year that three HOFers retired, Bench, Yaz and Perry.  Topps went so far as to pay tribute to this feat in a highlights card (see below).  It never dawned on me until I was making this card, that Topps used the inset images from the cards they WERE going to make of Bench, Yaz and Perry, and made a lame highlights card.  

Always give HOFers their due respect and make a card for them, even if they only played sparingly in their final season.  Shoot, Fleer didn't make this mistake, and Perry starter 30 games!  

So, here you go Mr. Perry.  While not my best work, it's passable, and I will refrain from citing the picture in honor of your wily ways.

Well, here are "Cheats'" stats from 1983, where he split time with Seattle and KC at the age of 44:

1983 SEA/KC30186.1 7141089682494.64

Man, almost 200 innings at the age of 44.  Who does he think he is, Jamie Moyer? 

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