Thursday, March 31, 2011

2011 Baseball Tournament Contest Closed

With first pitch less than 15 minutes away, the 2011 Tournament is closed.  The Indians and Pirates were not selected, thus will hang their heads in shame.  I'm sure I'll take flack for this, but the Steelers were selected six times and the Penguins were selected five times, yet not one of those fans picked the Pirates.  Hmmm... typical :-)

Here is the final list of entrants.  I will post weekly on Tuesdays to update the standings and bracket.

MLB Team Contestant NBA NFL NHL
Angels CL Heat Bengals Devils
A's Fuji Lakers Packers Sharks
Astros Dimwit Rockets Texans Wild
Blue Jays Nathan Raptors Bills Leafs
Braves MCT Hawks Falcons Thrashers
Brewers Joe Punman Thunder Vikings Blues
Cardinals Diamond King Magic Patriots Kings
Cubs CubsFan731 Grizzlies Colts
Diamondbacks Spookymilk Timberwolves Vikings Wild
Dodgers Greg Suns Chargers Ducks
Giants Mark Lakers Steelers Penguins
Mariners Mariner1 Sonics Seahawks Sharks
Marlins dgreen1899 Sixers Cowboys Flyers
Mets BA Benny Knicks Jets Islanders
Nationals Chris Sixers Steelers Canes
Orioles MattH Bullets Steelers Penguins
Padres Rod Blazers Chargers Flyers
Phillies Dan Sixers Eagles Flyers
Rangers PatP Mavericks Cowboys Stars
Rays Dayf Hawks Falcons Blackhawks
Reds FanofReds Raptors Steelers Penguins
Red Sox Adam Celtics Steelers Penguins
Rockies Jon Bulls Bears Blackhawks
Royals Mad Guru Grizzlies Steelers Penguins
Tigers RoofGod Packers
Twins Rhubarb Timberwolves Vikings Wild
White Sox WSC Bulls Bears Blackhawks
Yankees DawgBones Sixers Vikings Flyers

Oh, and thank goodness nobody selected the 49ers, for I have not one, but two of these bad boys hiding at home.

1 comment:

BrerSkwerl said...

(As one of those who chose the Steelers) Nice... I think a certain red-headed young lad should be given the combination of both the Pir8s/Indians team interests...

Zimmerman: 1 for 1, single (moving Werth over to 3rd!), Nats down 1 - 0 already (bottom of first...)

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