Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Last Chance to get in the Dance

I'm closing the contest prior to first pitch this year.  If you'd like a shot at getting all of my cards for your favorite NBA, NFL and NHL teams, enter in the comment section below.

The rules for the contest can be found here.

Remaining teams include:
Angels (CL - Bengals, Devils and Heat)
Blue Jays (Nathan - Bills, Leafs and Raptors)
Brewers (Joe Punman - Vikings, Blues and Thunder)
Diamondbacks (Spookymilk - Wolves, Vikings, Wild)
Marlins (dgreen1899 - Sixers, Flyers and Cowboys)
Orioles (MattH - Steelers, Penguins and Bullets)
Royals (Mad Guru - Steelers, Penguins and Grizzlies)


Matt H said...

I'll take the Orioles if the contest is still open. Fav. teams are Steelers, Penguins and the Bullets.

C.L. said...

I'll take the Angels. Thanks!

Favorite teams -

Nathan said...

I'll take the Jays!

Favorite Teams:

Toronto Raptors
Toronto Maple Leafs
Buffalo Bills

dgreen1899 said...

I'll take the Marlins If it is not too late to get in.

Favorite teams-76ers, Flyers, and Cowboys


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