Thursday, May 26, 2011

Everything is Frosting Now

Pure dumb luck landed me the only card in the Giveaway that I had to have.  

Somehow, this guy...

Magically became this guy...

AND this guy...

And then both of those guys became the greatest hitter to ever play the game........... CAPTAIN VIDEO!


Everything at the Diamond Giveaway is Frosting Now


night owl said...

So you were able to trade Gaby Sanchez and Andrew Bailey for Tony Gwynn?

I think that fact alone undermines your greatest hitter statement. :)

But I agree Gwynn's a lot more preferable than some current player schmuck.

Anonymous said...

You got two DDCs for Jair Jurrjens? Impressive.

My Danny Valencia has turned into Tim Hudson. I'm trying to work my way to a Jon Lester, but that may prove to be difficult. Should of took Jose Bautista when I had the chance.

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