Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 10th - 2011 MLB Tuesday Tournament Update

Another week has passed, and the first round is now complete.  The Sweet 16 is set, and everything was true to form in the Senior Circuit.  All top seeds in the NL advanced, although the Padres did it by the skin of their tonsure.  The Padres and Astros tied at 13-19, and then had a head to head record of 2-2.  The run differential (-14 vs. -29) gave the Padres the ticket to the next round because of their lame offense and awesome pitching staff.

The AL on the other hand was like the Poseidon Adventure, everything was upside down.  The lower seed won in 4 of the 6 contests.  Plus, all four of the AL West teams made it to the next round.

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Who knows what will happen in the next round.  It should be exciting!


BrerSkwerl said...

Are the Orioles still available?! With Zimmerman on the DL, I'm ready to claim Reynolds and his Mendoza-ness as my top dog... That is, until da Bulls send Guyer and his first-at-bat HR prowess up to the bigs with the Bay Rays permanently!

Anonymous said...

Poseidon is an apt description. Twins are floundering.

Anonymous said...

Let's go Royals!

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