Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Background Noise - 1989 Topps Jeff Ballard

I am finally upright after a hellacious weekend of back pain.  I’ve had a trick back since I broke it back in 2001, and usually once, maybe twice, a year it will give out like it did on Friday.  Usually my back will give out when I’m doing macho things like moving sand bags or picking up lumber, but no, not this time.  This time my back gave out while I was bending over to take a clean plate out of the dishwasher.  How macho is that?

Anyways, the pain meds have done their job and I’m no longer in a cloud of opiates.  I think I posted yesterday, but I’m not quite sure.  Let me check… Yeah, Mariano Duncan post, eh?  Must have been high out of my mind.

Well, I won’t lie to you, this post isn’t much better.  I was searching through some cards looking for a Background Noise card to post, when I saw this Jeff Ballard card…

Pretty bland card, right?  Not much going on (like most cards in 1989 Topps) except for some spring training crowds, a dugout and a cop.  Then it hit me.  Is that a gun on a Topps card?

First off, breathe.  I’m not turning this baseball card into a 2nd Amendment debate, and I strongly encourage no comments about that either.  But, seriously, when is the last time you’ve ever seen a gun on a baseball card?  And why is there a police man standing at the top of the dugout in spring training game?  That sparse crowd does not seem unruly.  This card seems so odd.

Granted, Stephen Spielberg might have gotten a hold of this card, and that may be a walkie-talkie on this right hip, but since most officers are righties, I’m betting that is a service revolver.

I’ll keep an eye out for officer’s in future cards, but as of now, I’m naming this the one and only baseball card to feature a gun on it.  Has anyone else seen a gun on a baseball card before?

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BrerSkwerl said...

If nobody else is going to ask it, I guess I will... Is this another setup for a Jose Canseco 'Oh Wow...'?

Two tickets to the Gun Show right here

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