Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Redefine the Design - 2013 Topps

Today is the BIG day (for some of you), and Topps is releasing Series One of the 2013 flagship.  Growing up, this day never existed.  One day you went to the local pharmacy, and they were selling 1986 Topps.  The next day, the pharmacy had 1987 Topps on the counter.  There was no countdown, there was no hype.  It just happened.

Call me old fashioned, but I liked it that way.  There was no build-up for the inevitable let down.  I wasn't dreading TOO MANY INSERTS, or the thought of chasing Short Prints to ruin my day.  Back then, cards changed like seasons, one day it was winter, then next it was spring, and we survived.

I never saw the newest release until I opened a wax pack or caught a glimpse of the new cards on the display box.  When 1990 Topps came out, I didn't have time to freak out over the design.  Before I knew it, I'd bought 10 packs for $5 and 150 cards were in my hands and ten sticks of gum were in my mouth.  I was happy and didn't care that the cards looked like 1975 Topps on acid.  I was HAPPY dammit!

Now, 2013 Topps rolls out today, and we've seen the design for what 14 months? I kid, sort of.  I was alright with the 2013 design sometime back in 2012, but now I'm not sold.  I'm already over the set before I've even held the cards!

So, on the first official day of the 2013 Topps release, I'm releasing my own redesign.  I think these changes are appropriate and suitable for the uninspired design.  There is something isometrically 1989-ish about this design, what is missing to tie it all together????



PS - I'm sure I'll collate a set out of OCD tendencies...

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Unknown said...

Ha! Nice. Personally, I think the design is a good step forward. One thing I could do without, however, is the fadeaway striping. Either get rid of it altogether or be consistend and use it on the left side of the card, too.

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