Friday, January 25, 2013

Spot the Ǝrror - 1991 Score Kent Anderson

This is the eighth in a series comparing error and corrected card versions.  If you spot the error, leave a comment.  First one to correctly identify the difference between the two cards and what's the error, wins the round.  Standings will be updated continually with an eventual prize.

No cheating, the honor system applies!

Fuji (1)
Wilson (1)
Jeff Wilk (1)
JayBee (1)
Fleerfan (1)
hh99 (1) 
Carl Crawford Cards (1)


JediJeff said...

There's an error?

I am almost tempted to look it up just to know the answer and not post anything - I have been staring at these images for about 10 minutes!

Doc said...

Jeff - Yup, there is an error.

I'll look for higher resolution pics.


Wilson said...

I'm guessing the error is on the left, since the clear text on the right appears to be correct, but does it say "He is not flachy" instead of flashy? I also thought the last line might say '66 instead of '86, but zooming in a bit that doesn't appear to be the case.

Doc said...


"He is not flachy" versus "He is not flashy"

This was a tough one. Great Job!

JediJeff said...

Ahhh hell. Good eyes!

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