Friday, January 11, 2013

Redefine the Design - 2008 Topps

Another redesign and another one featuring Topps or a Topps byproduct.  Judging by my constant desire to tweak a Topps card, you’d probably think that I have a deep, dark hatred of the Topps Company and despise every design their art department produces.  That couldn’t be farther from the truth because I LOVE Topps cards.  Always have and (hopefully) always will. 

I think why I do make little (and not so little) tweaks to the cards is because I do love them.  I know that sounds like a strange sentiment, since I want to change something that I proclaim to love.  Good thing I’m talking about cardboard and not flesh and bone.

That being said, I’ve put another Topps creation onto my digital butcher block, and am making what I deem an absolutely necessary change to the 2008 Topps flagship release.  I had been out of the collecting game for at least seven years when this set was released, and had little, if no knowledge about these cards until I read Night Owl wax poetic about “The Bump.”

Since then, I’ve picked up a handful or so of these cards, and am beyond annoyed with “The Bump.”  With my wife being a photographer, and me making lots of custom cards, I find that anytime a design interferes with the picture to be a sin.  What’s the point of even having a photograph on the card if you have to crop the photo in weird locations or zoom out to ridiculous lengths?  Every card should follow the Rule of Thirds.  If you don’t know what that is, read this and this.

Now, it’s time to remove “The Bump,” and show a 2008 Topps card the way it should have been designed.

What do you think?


night owl said...

I'd like this set so much better if the bump was removed. Thanks for the visual confirmation.

hiflew said...

The idea is so simple and yet it makes a huge difference. This would be a top 10 Topps set of all time with this fix and removing the facsimile signature.

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