Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 MLB Tournament Prizes #26 through #30

Finally, the last batch of potential prizes for the 2013 MLB Tournament.  Thank goodness!

This week, I am going to try and outdo last week's potential prizes, which is going to be pretty tough.  Again, I have zero faith that any of these five teams will win the tournament, so the cards up for grabs are out of this world for a freebie.

As noted previously, there will be 30 prizes available, however, only the tournament winner will receive a prize.  The prizes consist of one card from my collection for each of the 30 teams. Seeds are not open for claiming, and the prizes are based on a sliding scale using Las Vegas' odds for winning the 2013 World Series.

For further information, check out the 2013 MLB Tournament Rules and Prizes

#26 - Odds 100/1 - NL Seed #11 1974 Topps Dave Winfield RC
#27 - Odds 100/1 - NL Seed #15 1966 Topps Ernie Banks
#28 - Odds 100/1 - NL Seed #14 2012 Topps Silk - Todd Helton #/50
#29 - Odds 100/1 - NL Seed #13 2004 Upper Deck Vintage Quad Bats
#30 - Odds 200/1 - AL Seed #15 1965 Topps Joe Morgan RC

PS - Seeds are not open for request, and will not be opened until I make the announcement!

PPS - Here is the bracket...

1 comment:

BrerSkwerl said...

What, no Gwynn...?! You must be holding out a smidgen of hope that the Padres will shock the world...

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