Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Zistle Users, I Need Your Feedback!

Before I delve into either creating my own card database using Google Fusion Tables, or get too involved in Zistle, I want some rock solid honest feedback…

I have spent about an hour crawling around the Zistle site and I am not 100% sold on the database.  If you are a Zistle user:

What is your impression of the site?
Is it easy to navigate?
Do you have difficulty entering cards into the database?  
Are you inundated with horrible trade offers?  
Can you link to your Zistle account from blogger?
Is there an App for Zistle?

I have about 250,000 cards to add, and I don’t want to get into the process and realize the site is a nightmare.  So, if you are a member, what grade would you give the site and why?


Spankee said...

If the bulk of your cards are sets (partial or complete) it can be very helpful with the bulk uploading feature.

If you are a player collector, it can take longer because bulk uploads have to be from the same set. I think they were going to fix that, but I haven't seen it.

The good thing is they seem to add new features all the time and are open to request for improving the site.

Captain Canuck said...

your questions, in order...

great site, easy to use, I like it.

Yes, very much so.


No again.

No idea... you'll need someone smarter than I for that one.

Yes there is, works good.

The main drawback on zistle is also their key strength.
It is user driven. Users can add sets, cards, and scans to the database. This is amazing for those of us that have at least two brain cells to rub together.
Unfortunately, there are those that can't even form a complete sentence that insist on adding their input.

overall, it's a great site.

Wilson said...

I'm a Zistle user, and Captain Canuck is right, it's easy to run into bad data. However, it's also relatively easy to fix the bad data for sets you are familiar with. I try to flag anything wrong that I see, so that a moderator can check it out and fix it if needed.

If you're into achievement points, uploading card images is a quick way to rise in the ranks, and help other collectors out, too.

As for trades, I've only had a few offers but they've been perfectly fair.

Anonymous said...

I am BucCollector on Zistle. I find it tough to initiate trades because there is no centralized list of traders or tradelists to browse. Instead you've got click around a bunch to find potential trade partners (i.e., users who have completed trades in the past).

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