Friday, February 8, 2013

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Mounts soapbox

Either my internets are broken, or I have flat out hit the wall when it comes to making custom cards that never were.  I know I am ranting, but when a picture of Jim Palmer in his underwear gets 900% more hits than a sweet custom card of Ted Williams, then I do believe the apocalypse is nigh.  

Call it what you will; whining, complaining, bitchin', whatever, but this card needs to get some respect.  Sing it Aretha.  Look at it!  LOOK AT IT!  LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK.

Drops mic

1 comment:

BrerSkwerl said...

Looks almost three-D... (For some reason, my phone won't let me type that number...) I like that he is staring through the card, deep into the collector's soul... I like that he looks like he has a muffin top like me, and can still hit the hide off the ball, even at my age...

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