Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Trade Bait - Minor League Baseball Cards

Through luck, happenstance and random events, I have found myself to be the disgruntled owner of approximately 5,000 Minor League baseball cards.  I do not collect Minor League cards, nor do I want to start.  Plus, they are eating up precious space in Uncle Doc's Card Closet.  Therefore, I am going to offer them up as trade bait.

Currently all of these cards are out of order.  Not even close to in order by manufacturer, and don't even kid yourself that their numerically in order. So, given the complete ramshackle nature of this 5,000 count box, I will do the following:

I am going to take one pass through this box, and then the entire box is going to find a new home (90 miles due East of my house). 

That being said, if you are in need or want of some Minor League cards, please leave a comment with your wants, or provide a link to your want list.  Unless absolutely necessary, please refrain from requesting "Favorite Team Name Here."  Like I said, these cards are not in order, and figuring out each team's Major League affiliate would be a chore.  However, I might be persuaded to find'em all for a price...

There is nothing terribly sexy about these cards, so what I'd look for in return would be base from 2011 Topps Series Two, and 2013 Topps Series One (no want list up, as I don't have a single base card, yet).  If your wanting me to search high and low for every Ranger, Dodger and/or Tiger in the box, I might be looking for something a little more "vintagey" in return.

From a glance, the box includes: Action Packed, Line Drive, Star, Impel, Excel, Classic, Just, Best and a myriad of team sets, which also include the ever-awesome "Clubhouse Dork Manager Card."

I'll take requests for a week, and then I'll email you with what I find during my sole, one and only pass through the box.


EDIT: Angles in Order has claimed 99 Fleer Excel cards, and Carl Crawford Cards has claimed the rest of the lot (3,429 cards).


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Damn! Wish I lived 90 miles east or your house, I'd come up with something for the whole shebang! Love some minor league cards.

Short of that, I'll see what I can work out for any Durham Bulls and/or Charleston Rainbows/Charleston Riverdogs.

The Angels In Order said...

If the Excel stack isnt too huge I'd like those.

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