Saturday, February 2, 2013

Spot the Ǝrror - 1982 Topps George Foster

This is the ninth in a series comparing error and corrected card versions.  If you spot the error, leave a comment.  First one to correctly identify the difference between the two cards and what's the error, wins the round.  Standings will be updated continually with an eventual prize.

No cheating, the honor system applies!

Wilson (2)
Fuji (1)
Jeff Wilk (1)
JayBee (1)
Fleerfan (1)
hh99 (1) 
Carl Crawford Cards (1)


JediJeff said...

Someone forgot an autograph.

night owl said...

One of these days I'll actually be awake when one of these things goes up.

Doc said...

Congrats Jeff W!

Night Owl, duly noted. Perhaps I'll make a later entry in the day sometime for you night-folk.

Anonymous said...

There is a noticeable dark line on bottom left hand side as well as the top right hand side on unsigned card.

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