Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A Simple Question

If someone approached you and offered you $10 for a big box of your Junk Wax (1986-1994), would you:

A. Jump on that sweet deal immediately.
B. Politely decline.
C. Go on a trolling, bitch-rant tirade about how the buyer is preying on people, and is a "loser."  Threaten to "report" the buyer, and then brag about how you sell your Junk Wax for $50 a box, which to me seems a hell lot more like "preying on people" than offering $10 to buy it.  

I'm pretty sure you can tell my experience.   

I loathe Craigslist.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

I think Joe Collector used to troll in those people in his "Craigslist Idiots" series.

And yes: I'll sell all the junk wax you want at $10 per box.

Doc said...

It was Bad Wax, unless he's now Joe Collector.

Play at the Plate said...

I think $10 is a mighty sweet deal for junk wax. I'd sell.

Fuji said...

Loved reading those Craigslist Idiot posts. As for the question... I'd take the $10 and run. Then, I'd head to the flea market and buy another big box of junk wax era cards.

night owl said...

Craiglist Idiot posts always made me uncomfortable. True, they were idiots (or maybe just "clueless" in a lot of cases), but I don't know what ridiculing them achieved.

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