Friday, April 12, 2013

Baseball Aptitude Test

This 10 question Baseball Aptitude Test (BAT) is from a 1991 Sports Illustrated.  I'll post the answers in a few days, but in the meanwhile, why don't you put your BAT to the test!


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baseballbrent said...

Aaron, DiMaggio, Gibson, Wynn, Feller, and Dean are all righties. The rest are Lefties.
2. A
3. Who is Pete Rose.
Who is Hoyt Wilhelm
Who is Yogi Berra
4. Who are Rogers Hornsby and Ted Williams.
Who is Johnny VanDeMeer
Who is Mike Marshall
5. .367 Cobb BA, 130 Henderson SB's, 61 Maris HR, 190 Wilson RBI's, 41 Chesbro Wins, 755 Aaron HR's, .406 Williams in 1941, 3'7" Gaedel's height, 1.12 Gibson's ERA, 59 Hershiser shutout ip, 4256 Rose hits, 2130 Gehrig's games, 56 DiMaggio's streak, 511 Cy Young's wins, 1894-1950 IDK, i'm guessing Connie Mack's manager streak, and 10/3/51 is the shot heard around the world.
6. Cartwright created baseball.
Rickey helped #42
O'Malley IDK
McNally IDK was the first free agent
7. B
8. a-4
9. c, e, a, b, d, g, f
10. IDK, there was some old guys on the 1964 Mets. Spahn and Berra

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