Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Background Noise - 1974 Topps Rod Gilbreath

The only reason I chose this card for a Background Noise installment is because of my wife.  It's not because she is a fan of the Braves.  It's not because she likes a Sea of Green Astroturf, complimented by a Wall of Orange Seats.  And it's definitely not because she likes baseball cards.  It's because photography is her hobby and semi-profession.

Over the past few years, I've slowly gleaned photography knowledge from her.  Whether it's from watching her shoot, or process pictures.  But one thing that she always grinds into my head is lighting.  The best time for photography is what she calls the magic hour, which is usually an hour before sunset.  The sun is low on the horizon, and it casts warm colors on the subject.

I just sent a picture of this card to me wife, and her response was a plain and simple, "wow."  Obviously this Topps photographer was not one of the best, but perhaps he just wanted to get himself on a baseball card...or at least his shadow.

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