Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Listia Loot

Since I've defined where I am going with my vintage collecting, I have been having more fun than I thought possible.  I feel freer than I've ever felt in regards to cards.  With that freedom and about 2,000 points in my Listia account, I decided to do some sniping.  

Now before anyone rags on me for sniping an auction, remember, this is Listia.  It's imaginary money.  Anyways, after some sleuthing last night, I stumbled across a whole bunch of 1970 Topps auctions last night, and each auction featured 3 to 5 cards from a specific team.

This was a great find, but the problem was that each auction had about 2 minutes left.  So, I quickly ignored all of life's responsibilities, sat down on the toilet lid and got out my sniper scope.  Two auctions caught my eye because they had players from my Want Lists, Darold Knowles and Jim Kaat.  

After a few minutes, I was the proud owner of nine 1970 Topps cards for a mere 1,065 points.  Not bad, considering I'll most likely toss 7 of those cards right back up on Listia... unless someone makes me an offer!

Here's the loot.  The Kaat and Knowles are staying in my closet, but the other seven are up for trade before they go back on the Listia auction block...

If you're interested in any/all of these cards, check out my Topps want lists to see what players I'm collecting!


Play at the Plate said...

1970 is my birth year, I collect Senators and catchers so I'd take all the extras off your hands. I don't have any old stuff, but I could probably hit some of your wantlists pretty good. I can't mail any packages until after the 1st. Let me know Doc. Thanks.

Doc said...

Sent you an email PatP.

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